The Kingdom Is Like A Hidden Treasure

Written by Sarah Apa

On 07/18/2021

Have you sought The Father for His wisdom?

My family and I recently came back from a beach trip. 

Collecting seashells is one of my favorite things to do when we visit the ocean. I believe most people spend some amount of time searching the shore for hidden ocean treasures.  

Half the fun is the pursuit of finding something that is right there under your feet! 

The sea is an incredible gift of The Father’s. Through it He has given us so much! 

Fun, nutrition, and healing to name just a few. 

But the spiritual parallels are endless.  

The Father says the Kingdom is like a hidden treasure…

Since coming to The Father’s Ways, I see Him in all things so much more clear. It’s not that I didn’t see Him before. But clarity was an issue. 

Like the shoreline, my eyes to see and ears to hear were clouded by the crashing waves of the world.

Visibility of the treasures of the kingdom were washed out by the endless opinions and doctrines of men and their traditions. 

Yet I continued my search. 

I didn’t know what I was searching for or what it would look like. I just knew what I knew wasn’t the truth and how I lived didn’t look very set apart from the rest of the world. 

I was just another grain of sand lost among the tides. 

But The Father’s goodness to reveal Himself to those who seek was greater than all my doubt, and sin. 

As I began to seek His Ways and read His Word for myself He began to reveal Himself more and more to me. 

Not all of Himself at first, but just enough that I wanted to keep pursuing Him. I began to desire His will without effort. 

It’s His glory to conceal Himself. 

While at the beach this past week, I waited patiently at the shoreline for the waves to settle so that the treasures of the ocean could be revealed to me. 

The tides are such a beautiful reminder of the goodness and Holiness of our Father

He brings in blessings and He takes them away. Blessed be His Name. 

The waves didn’t really settle. In fact, there was a tropical storm that blew in that week. But it sure made for some fun waves to jump in! 

Seashell hunting was a challenge though. But I was determined. I never stopped seeking out the perfect shell! 

One morning I was walking along  the shoreline and playing with my little boys who were also on the hunt. 

Whenever we took walks I was constantly looking down. My search was never ending because the waves made it near impossible to see or catch anything. 

But all of a sudden, things became clearer. The tide settled for just a moment and I was able to see the bottom of the shallow waters. 

There, rested the most perfect white spiral shell I’ve ever seen. It used to be some creature’s home but it was hollow and waiting for my siege. 🐚

I know it was a little gift from the Father. But the message behind it is the real treasure. His timing to reveal Himself to us is HIS glory. 

🕰 Timing is everything. 

It has been true for me, as I’ve been walking in His ways. Everything that has happened to me up to the point of my surrender was necessary for me to go through so that my heart could accept His truths. 

Just like that shell, my heart had to be hallowed out. ❤️


The waves haven’t stopped. But my focus on Him has become more steady. 

It’s been my privilege and honor to seek The Father’s Will for my life. The pursuit never gets old. He’s still revealing parts of Himself to me. 

It’s a real love story we have. 

Our beach trip ended in exhaustion after a week filled with making wonderful memories with family. 

🎉 Oh, and my dear baby brother was baptized on my birthday, in the ocean, by my husband, two daughters, and myself!

I can’t think of anything better! ❤️

Till next time, keep seeking… 🔎

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Sarah Apa

Sarah is a wife and mother of four. Sarah enjoys many creative expressions and is a diligent student of the Word! She loves learning new things for the family's ever growing homestead. Sarah homeschools her children with the intent of raising her family through a biblical lens. She is passionate about sharing her journey of "crossing over" from the world's way of living to Yahweh's way! She is driven to reach as many hearts as possible through sharing her difficult, yet beautiful walk to the Father.

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