DISHONORING GEORGE FLOYD: George Soros’ Opportune Violence and Destruction

Written by The Ephraim Network

On 06/01/2020
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And just like that, Covid-19 and “social distancing” suddenly became a non-issue? OK. So… yeah, let’s start a freaking race war then instead.

Folks, what’s happening right now is the direct result of two things: Believing the TOTAL BS mind controlling manipulation of MSM and George Soros who is USING our own people to destroy this nation from within.


You are being seriously manipulated, controlled, and played for a fool. What is happening right now is 100% manipulated – from being scared into wearing USELESS masks because of a “virus” that has had a 90+% recovery rate WITHOUT a vaccine to thinking burning and looting buildings and businesses (that people rely on for a paycheck, goods and services) and intentionally harming INNOCENT people is somehow “justice” for what some $&%# did in Minneapolis??

Personally, from what I’ve seen, I think that whole thing was a staged event. But even if it wasn’t and it truly was the tragedy they want us to believe it was, sure… I can see people going after that particular cop for vendetta justice in the absence of legitimate justice through the court system. I could at least see that as logical. But this??? How can any sane human being possibly think the TOTAL INSANITY erupting across this nation is the solution??? I mean seriously. WTF????????????

Make no mistake, George Soros and a small group of Luciferian, liberal lunatics in high positions of control are the ones laughing their butts off right now, having mental orgasms at the self service pumps as they watch YOU play right into their plans. STOP THE MADNESS! TURN OFF YOUR FREAKING TVS AND RADIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For decades the big fear was the nuclear equipped “Communist” armies of foreign countries. But who knew all it would take is a couple of months of MSM manipulated mind control WITHIN our own country to destroy this once great nation?

Is this part of the Q Plan?

(asking for a friend)

Meanwhile elsewhere… yeah, let’s continue to spend BILLIONS of dollars pretending we’re going into “space.” That always works…

My God. This whole country has turned into a lunatic asylum.


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