Armageddon Of Core Beliefs – The Real Pandemic

Written by The Ephraim Network

On 04/21/2020

At this point, it’s practically redundant to say…

“We’re living in some crazy and unprecedented times!”


One of the biggest challenges I see everywhere is…

Discerning truth.


What’s real? What’s fake? What’s sorta true, but also full of lies?


There’s never been a time where we’ve had so much information coming at us, at such a warp speed. It’s simply impossible to process it all. Or even a fractional fraction of it.


So… how do we know what to believe?

Well, it’s hard.



The biggest conundrum of all, when it comes to discerning accurate information, is our predetermined biases – our already cemented core belief structure.


For instance…

If one of your core beliefs is that vaccines are clean, healthy, helpful and generally a very good thing for our health… then any information you hear or read about vaccines is going to be processed based upon that core belief.


So, when you see information challenging or coming against vaccines in any fashion, your default response is going to be to attack and illegitimize that information simply because it goes against your already held core belief.


This is called, cognitive dissonance.


You cannot easily accept or even reason with information that immediately goes against one of your core beliefs.


This is why we see everyone attacking everyone.


What we’re witnessing is an armageddon of core beliefs.

Not facts. Not truth.

Core beliefs.


Some core beliefs are based upon what is true. Many are not.


During these unprecedented times, the people who are finding the real truth in the world are the ones who’ve made it a practice to constantly challenge their own understanding and core beliefs.


Now, that’s not to say these people have become completely info-agnostic in every way.



It means they are more in love with reasoning and challenging, than defending and holding.


It means they are confident that truth can withstand testing. That which is true, is left standing, and remains. That which falls apart during testing, is let go of.


It’s a constant moment-by-moment process of testing everything and letting go of what doesn’t pass the test, and keeping hold of what does. Each new piece of information is tested with what has already been proven to be true. And regularly, what has been refined as truth, is brought back to the surface again for reassurance testing to be sure that it still remains true.


This is the process of developing shatter-proof core beliefs.


Living constantly within the refiners fire.

What continually withstands the fire, is purified all the more and used as a pillar of testing moving forward.


If you’re not willing to test your core beliefs, that should cause you concern.

How valuable can your core beliefs really be if they’ve never been put to the test?


In the case of vaccines – since that’s a very pressing and forefront topic – if you believe them to be good, then put that belief to the test and read every ingredient of every vaccine that is being pushed today. If you’re not willing to do that, then your core belief is of no value.


For the case of this example, wouldn’t it be better to actually read every ingredient and come out the other side KNOWING that your core belief is strong, valid and can withstand reproof?


And on the other hand… what if during your research you discover that many vaccine ingredients are actually very harmful, and very much not clean. Wouldn’t you be glad that you discovered your core belief to be in error and can now adjust to be more truthful and accurate in your beliefs?


When we truly become people who are more willing to challenge our own understanding – knowing that what is good and true can withstand the testing – rather than to abase and attack anyone who says something contrary – then we’ll start to discover what it means to see clearly enough to remove the speck from another’s eye.

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