The 1 Timothy 4 Argument

Written by Sarah Apa

On 07/26/2021

What’s Paul talking about in 1 Timothy Chapter 4?

Let’s break it down. 👇🏼

Verse 1…

Paul was convinced that the end times were going to happen in his generation. It’s why he writes with a sense of urgency.

But this letter is absolutely addressed to us and is completely applicable today.

Messiah warns of latter time deception in Matthew 24. It’s worth reading over and over again!

Back to Tim in Verse 2-3…

The context here is to dismiss the opinions of man on the subjects of marriage and food. Scripture defines bad doctrine based on the traditions of men over the commandments of God.

Take a look at👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Isaiah 1:13-15, Hosea 2:11-13, Matthew 23

The Father’s commandments are NOT the opinions of men. They are the Father’s!

Foods are to be shared with those who know the truth.

What foods and what is truth?

Well, Psalm 119 says,

Your righteousness is righteousness forever, And Your Torah is truth.”

The Torah teaches in Leviticus 11 which animals are to be food and which aren’t. 

Verses 4-5…

Both of Paul’s statements are from the Torah!

We are to thank the Father after we receive food—Deuteronomy‬ ‭8:10—and food that is sanctified by the Word is found in Leviticus 11. Sanctified means set-apart. So, foods that have been set-apart for us to eat. 

Verse 6…

Messiah is the living Word.

The Word is Torah.

He is Torah in the flesh.

He gives us sound doctrine because He is sound doctrine.

Our spiritual nourishment comes from studying the Torah and how Messiah taught/lived it.

“Teach me good discernment and knowledge, For I believe in Your commandments.”

Psalms‬ ‭119:66‬ 

As brothers and sisters in Messiah, we are called to point out HIS TRUTH to other believers.

Verse 7…


Messiah said this about man’s traditions, opinions, and worldly perspectives;

“But in vain do they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.”‭‭

Matthew‬ ‭15:9‬ ‭

‬ How do we discipline ourselves to godliness?

 “For the command is a lamp, And the Torah a light, And reproofs of discipline a way of life,”

‭‭Proverbs 6:23


Paul’s teachings are straight out of the scriptures. The scriptures from his perspective was the Torah and the Prophets.

Paul was a pharisees, after all. But so was Messiah…

I’ll leave that until next time…

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Sarah Apa

Sarah is a wife and mother of four. Sarah enjoys many creative expressions and is a diligent student of the Word! She loves learning new things for the family's ever growing homestead. Sarah homeschools her children with the intent of raising her family through a biblical lens. She is passionate about sharing her journey of "crossing over" from the world's way of living to Yahweh's way! She is driven to reach as many hearts as possible through sharing her difficult, yet beautiful walk to the Father.

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  1. Amanda McWhirter

    My church has been teaching on 1Timothy and it’s been hard to listen to the past few weeks since
    coming to Torah. So thankful for truth in your post!

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